• Center of play
    Space for freedom, imagination and creativity
  • Just play
    It is in play young children learn how to learn.
  • Curious playce
    Building a «culture of inquiry»
  • Enabling play
    Thinking of inclusivity and access
  • 3D culture
    Growing up among Worlds
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Passionately CURIOUS

CurioCITY is designed in close relations to day-to-day living in Qatar drawing inspirations inculture, architecture and environment. Its’ setting is purposefully structured to encourage a youngchild’s sense of independence, exploration, wonder and creativity.


Childhood is a magical time when cardboard boxes can turn into castles or spaceships, and teddy bears becoming guests of your tea party.

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Children’s culture focuses on the skills important to the world they are growing into, not the world as it was when their parents were growing up.

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Still judging a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree? Remember, «Normal» is just a screen setting. All children are capable of great things – differently-abled.

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If you found yourself in the room with 10-15 people of different nationalities, it doesn’t mean you are at the United Nations HQ. It might be just a child's birthday party in Doha.

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What is in the CITY ?

Just a play center

Nothing else, just play.

And Play is … exploring, daydreaming, inventing, imagining, trying, failing, challenging, thinking,risk taking, talking, whispering, shouting, signing, giving, sharing, taking turns, taking time out,running, jumping, crawling, skipping, stopping, feeling, making choices, making friends, leading,following, acting, making believes, building, tearing apart, asking questions, answering, storytelling,listening, drawing, fixing, writing, reading, counting, measuring, trying things, hanging, touching,dancing, laughing, smiling, working, learning…

That is it.